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Compost Tea Monster found in TeaLAB's Brew.

Check out TeaLAB's        Super Soil Recipe
Use this heavily amended mix to grow healthy finished plants, organically, from beginning to end, without any liquid fertilizers,  with just water and fresh compost tea.

5 Gallon Brew Kit Demo Video

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FishBall/LiFeCuBe/BubbleSnake Instructional Video

Brew the best compost tea, without breaking the bank.  This video shows the life that you can put into your garden with TeaLAB materials and methods. 

Brew a Biologically Rich Tea

Basic Ideas
Learn the simple rules to follow in order to brew a biologically rich beneficial compost tea.   Plenty of oxygen, good compost, clean water, and you are on your way to being a successful compost tea brewer.  

What do you need for the size of your garden.  All you need is a good aerator, quality mesh bag, a bucket, and good compost and you are on your way to beneficial compost tea.   TeaLAB's BubbleSnake is quickly changing the game.  Click here to learn more. 

There are good, bad, and great ingredients; find out what will work for you.  TeaLAB promotes the use of greenwaste based composts and fish hydrolysate as the main ingredients for the base tea.  We do not use molasses to brew for several reasons.  Click here to learn more.      


Always good to mix it up, check for new recipes here.  Do you want to brew a vegetative tea, a bloom tea, a transition tea?  How about a compost tea that is meant to heal and/or protect your roots.  A foliar spray to feed micronutrients and protect your leaves?

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Have a quesiton, comment or concern? A new recipe, or better yet, an old one? Contact us for anything.  We are a new business that is is here to raise the bubble when it comes to brewing good Actively Aerated Compost Tea.